Tout ce qui a une forme est irréel


Artists : Chia-Chi Chiang

Co-artists : Raphaël Isdant and Hung-HaoHsu

Partners / sponsors : Chia-Chun CHEN, : Bao-Fu CHANG

“Tout ce qui a une forme est irréel”

Everything in this world is going to disappear, so when we hear it, see it or even say it, it is only a momentary existence. The work is composed of two sculptures: The sound of the two microphones shows a projection of text (the action of the projection is like rain, it will disappear on the bowl, then the projected text will disappear (digital state). The calligraphy written on the board will disappear when the water evaporates (physical state). The meaning of “everything that has a form is unreal” does not mean something abstract and ambiguous; rather, it refers to all material objects or concrete and simple facts. When we experience something through our senses, all phenomena such as sound, smell, color and temperature can only be considered to exist because we have seen and heard them; more importantly, their existence depends on our perception and awareness. There is no absolute truth for nature itself. Nature changes every moment; “this” is constantly changing into “that”.


INTERACTIVE Installation

Discover the interactive work through sound and gesture Tout ce qui a une forme est irréel every day from Wednesday to Sunday at Espace Mayenne.

Duration: 10 minutes

Number of attendees : 2

Doctoral student in Digital Images at the INReV laboratory under the supervision of Professor Chu-Yin Chen, Chia-Chi Chiang is particularly interested in the representation of the human body through new technologies. Combining the practices and theories of Chinese medicine, his research focuses on the artistic potential offered in the representation of networks and blood vessels. Former student of ENSAB (Atelier Guillaume Paris / Jean-Luc Vilmouth), she created a series of performances by staging her own body. His approaches aim to raise questions of social structure and cultural phenomena.
Traveling artist Chia-Chi Chian’s work focuses on the use of emotion, the Internet, distance between bodies, desire, and the use of media or digital interfaces to present work. The human entrepreneurial spirit seeks sincere emotional contact.