Les œuvres de 2023

Les artistes de l’Art&VR Gallery

Juan Le Parc

Juan Le Parc (born in 1960 in Paris) has been…
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Elise Morin

Elise Morin was born in 1978, lives and works in…
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Compagnie voix

The Compagnie Voix develops projects based on a research of…
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Chia-Chi Chiang

Doctoral student in Digital Images at the INRév laboratory under…
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Thomas Cheneseau

Thomas Cheneseau is an artist, curator and teacher. It is…
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Cenk Güzelis

Cenk Güzelis (TR, 1990) is an Innsbruck based architect, researcher…
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Anna Pompermaier

Anna Pompermaier (IT, 1991) is a practicing architect, engineer, artist,…
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Mélodie Mousset

Mélodie Mousset (* 1981, Abu Dhabi, lives in Zurich) uses…
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Raphaël Isdant

Raphaël Isdant is an artist, teacher and designer of interactive…
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