The Jellyfish


Artists : Mélodie Mousset and Edo Fouilloux

Sound design interactive: Chris Heinrichs

Développers : Vinicius Pereira Faria and Tom Frackowiak

Technical artist : Victor Beaupuy

Consultant : Morten Thorning

Music : Moises Horta

Diffusor: Fabbula

The jellyfish is a virtual reality experience that invites the audience to dive into the depths of their consciousness in an interactive and hypnotic soundscape.
In a dreamlike underwater state, visitors equipped with VR headsets encounter ghostly sea creatures, luminous jellyfish, who beckon participants to engage in a paralinguistic call and response, using their voices and singing along with them in a hypnotic inter-species choir.
Underwater creatures respond to singing or humming and to a range of variations in the characteristics of vocal dynamics: volume, tempo, pitch fluctuation, continuity, etc.
Through the harmonious interaction and synesthetic exchange between the visitors and the virtual beings, the artists created a sense of connection with another species in a poetic and playful way.


Virtual reality installation

Discover the virtual reality work The Jellyfishevery day from Wednesday to Sunday at Espace Mayenne.

Duration: 15 minutes

Number of attendees : 1

Mélodie Mousset (* 1981, Abu Dhabi, lives in Zurich) uses her own body to map, index and narrate a “self” that seems to be constantly metamorphosing and that escapes her each time she tries to take possession of it. She is interested in the individual and collective processes, biological, technical and cultural, which form the human body. This anthropological and philosophical research takes the form of videos, sculptures, installations, performances and virtual reality. Appropriating medical imaging technologies (MRI, 3D printing) for these purposes, she associates them with shamanic rites and combines them with sculptural work. Mélodie Mousset’s practice also reflects the disturbing evolutions of the contemporary world in which we live: a digital reality that tracks, records and analyzes the movements, consumption behaviors and even the desires of each individual, thus creating “transparent citizens. This environment of overexposure is at odds with human bodies, which are alive, opaque, imperfect, filled with organs, psychic interiority and minds whose hidden recesses teem with imagination. As American writer and filmmaker Chris Kraus says, “Mousset’s associative process is so rich. She believes fully in her own imagination and the logical or alogical digressions that shape an inner life.”

Edo Fouilloux is a visual mind that explores sound, graphics and playful interaction within immersive media. Since 2015, he has worked alongside research institutions, projects, and individuals around the world, seeking to expand new horizons of flow and immersion. Its objective is to forge new ways of thinking and playing with interactive audiovisuals in real time.
Edo Fouilloux is director and co-founder of Patch XR, a software company specializing in the creation of musical tools and playful experiences for extended realities (XR).