Le magicien sans ombre – Atelier-spectacle

Conception, direction, script and digital programming : Anastasiia Ternova

Actor : Naël Bernard

Design, scenography, programming and digital control : Justine Waller

Movement capture : remi.g

Collaboration on the script : Julia Grosjean

Collaboration in digital development : Georges Gagneré

Production : didascalie.net with the support of the city of Villiers-le-Bel

Jaimie embodies for us the joy of life and curiosity. Thanks to his non-standardized thinking, he is able to see the situation from a distance and find a solution that no one else had imagined before. It seems to us that this is a very current message, in a world that is changing very rapidly and requires constant lucidity and inventiveness. We want to share this spirit of courage, adventure and self-confidence with the audience, and first and foremost with the children who need the most encouragement to grow their spirit and flourish. On the other hand, Jaimie’s important quality is responsibility. Like other children, he experiences fear, insecurity, lack of self-confidence, but unlike them, he does not rely on luck. While remaining light in spirit and not taking life too seriously, he chooses to be courageous, to take risks. He takes responsibility for his choices, which makes him grow up mentally faster than others.



Discover this 25-minute show followed by a 30-minute workshop at Le Quarante. Registration is free and subject to availability.

Duration: 1h

Number of attendees : 30

Anastasiia Ternova is a designer and director of shows involving the use of avatars, animated in real time in hybrid scenographies between physical space and virtual reality.
Between 2007 and 2016, she is an actor, sound/light manager, assistant director, translator and interpreter, co-manager for international projects in Theatre na Zhukah (Kharkiv, Ukraine). Between 2017 and 2018, she is also an actor and assistant director in the company “En détails” (Paris, France).
Since 2017 his professional interests are focused around the development of the AvatarStaging platform, created by Georges Gagneré and Cédric Plessiet. She participates in several projects, in collaboration with didascalie.net and Georges Gagneré, as a digital director and layout artist. She is involved in the development of the http://avatarstaging.eu website.
In 2019, she directs the show Patrick et Vénus, the result of a research-creation conducted as part of a master 2 she supports in the theater department of the University of Paris 8. She is currently preparing a doctorate on the use of avatars in the theatrical domain within the Digital Images and Virtual Reality team of the University of Paris 8