Recto VRso: between arts, sciences and technologies

Recto VRso is an international exhibition of art and virtual and mixed reality held during the Laval Virtual exhibition. Conceived by the artist-researcher Judith Guez, Recto VRso aims to invite the works of artists, researchers, students and explorers who question the medium of virtual reality, in order to bring out new artistic forms. The 2023 edition will be held from April 12 to 16.



This year, Laval Virtual celebrates its 25th anniversary and the Recto VRso Festival also wanted to celebrate this event with an “Invitation” format. In the ART&VR Gallery, the artists who won the Recto VRso award in previous editions will present new works questioning immersive technologies. In the OFF, the partner universities of the first five editions will exhibit immersive works by their students in research-creation, concerts and workshop-shows.

The ART&VR Gallery

The ART&VR Gallery is the official exhibition of Recto VRso, proposing international artists to exhibit works exploring an annual theme. This year, the ART&VR Gallery will be held at Espace Mayenne, alongside the international exhibition Laval Virtual. Seven works by a dozen international artists will question the links between art, technology and science.


A OFF at Quarante, a new cultural space in Laval, promotes the artistic diversity of the field by inviting recognized artists, students, researchers and collectives to take over different spaces. This dynamic allows the freer exhibition of emerging projects, accompanying a particular theme, and hybridizing different practices and leaving room for artistic exploration. This year, the universities that have been partners since the beginning are invited to explore the spaces of Le Quarante with installations, performances and concerts.


Centre National du Cinéma (CNC)

Within the Centre National du Cinéma et de l’image animée, the Fonds d’aide à la Création Immersive supports innovative audiovisual works based on an immersive creation approach.

It aims to foster the emergence of creative, ambitious and internationally oriented immersive works.

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