Recto VRso 2020

A virtual edition

Recto VRso sees new horizons! Faced of the Covid-19 virus, the Recto VRso team has mobilized to adapt to new forms of creation and distribution. From April 22nd to 24th, 2020, Laval Virtual will takes place in a virtual world : the Laval Virtual World. We will be there for networking moments in the virtual building that presents Recto VRso. An Art&VR conference program will also take place in the dedicated virtual conference room. In particular, we will discuss the new perspectives that virtualization opens up in the artistic field, especially around the research axis on the presentation of immersive and interactive artworks in a virtual space

"Real Body / Virtual Body"

A virtual exhibition for 2020

The physical exhibition "Real Body - Virtual Body" is postponed from 14th to 16th April 2021. However, we are experimenting with another way to show you the scenography and artworks planned for the Art&VR Gallery of this edition: A virtual exhibition of the Art&VR Gallery of the Recto VRso 2020. The exhibition was to be held in the magnificent 17th century chapel of the Lycée Ambroise Paré. We created a 3D model of this space and elements of the planned scenography, then imagined an interpretation of each artwork in the virtual space based on certain elements provided by the artists. We propose to the virtual spectator to travel and experience the exhibition in another way.

From 22nd to 24th April 2020

A Virtual Space for Networking

Recto VRso supports the Laval Virtual in the virtual experience from April 22 to 24, 2020 on the Laval Virtual World platform. The Recto VRso space, a 4-storey building, will be dedicated exclusively to the artistic festival, with spaces for descriptions, virtual networking and a rooftop. Private rooms are also accessible to visitors to initiate discussions and meetings. In order to enrich the experiences, two meetings and a performance are scheduled during this period.

The 22nd and 23rd April 2020

Virtual Art&VR conferences

April 22 and 23, 2020 are the days dedicated to Art & VR conferences at the Recto VRso Theater of Laval Virtual World. During these two days, three programs are organized : Exhibiting Art & VR in physical and virtual spaces ; Making art in and for XR environments ; Curating art real VS virtual. The participating speakers are actors of the Recto VRso festival, like the members of the jury Joris Weijdom, Ulrich Schrauth or Julie Walsh. Also, artists from the 2020 edition will speak, such as Esteban Fourmi or John Desnoyers-Stewart.

A Recto VRso artist residence

Artist-Researcher Elhem Younes

Voyage of the imaginary رحلة الخيال is an exhibition project bringing together a series of plastic and digital works focusing on issues related to free will, determinism, individual and collective destiny, our relationship to others as well as to what brings us together on an unconscious plane of the psyche. Currently, Elhem Younes is in a one-month creation residency in Laval, in confinement. A residence suite will take place at Bateau Lavoir in 2021, for the exhibition from April 14 to 18, 2021.

Philosophy and Digital Art

Suzanne Beer

Suzanne Beer, Associate Professor in Philosophy and teacher in Digital Arts at Paris-Est Marne-La-Vallée University, has just published a book dedicated to the virtualization of museums : “MUSEES VIRTUELS ET REALITES MUSEALES”. She will perform on April 22 2020 in the Recto VRso theater of Laval Virtual World, during the Exhibiting Art & VR in physical and virtual spaces conference program.

Creative meeting

Sigrid Coggins

In addition to the conferences and meetings offered during this virtual Recto VRso, the artist Sigrid Coggins offers virtual performance meetings linked to his work Serial Portraits in VR, programmed at the Art&VR Gallery 2020-2021. The artist explores here the reflection of his work in a new form, in confinement.

A historic software artwork

Anyflo by Michel Bret

Michel Bret and Marie-Hélène Tramus are two artist-researchers, pioneers in digital art. Co-founders of the Arts et Technologies of Image formation at the University of Paris 8, they have been working together since the beginning of digital art in order to explore new artistic forms. Selected artwork for Recto VRso 2020, Pilobolus Virtuel. Virtually, you are invited to interactively create a pilobolus composed of virtual dancing bodies by clicking several times. (Inspired by a dance troupe from the 70's).