An international art festival

Between real and virtual

Recto VRso is an international digital art festival that explores, promotes and encourages the creation of artworks related to interactive and immersive art between the real and the virtual. It exhibits artworks made by artists, researchers, students and explorers who question the medium of virtual and mixed reality.

Its purpose is to open the space to discussion about new forms of artistic expression and virtual/mixed reality, and to different hybridizations and emergences.

Recto VRso 2021

A format between real and virtual

Since 2020, Recto VRso is available in a virtual version and offers: the virtual Art&VR Gallery which presents the intention of the artists' artworks; a website which is the portal of different artistic initiatives to be remotely experienced; networking moments and conferences in the Laval Virtual World. The Digital Art Festival Recto VRso is for: art and digital art professionals, museums and cultural institutions, international professionals of the Laval Virtual exhibition (scientists, VR/AR experts, suppliers of solutions and technologies...), researches, students and schools.