The 2020 - 2021 theme

Real body / Virtual body

Virtual reality enables us to be immersed, as well as interact with a virtual world, and even sometimes giving us the feeling of being totally transported into a plausible elsewhere and making us forget about our presence in the real.

However, it is in fact through our real bodies, immersed and interacting in the virtual world, that the transitions between real and virtual are actualised. The spectator travels between its presence in the real world and the illusion of being present in a virtual one. But how do these transitions between the real and the virtual take place? And how do you address the place of the body within virtual or mixed reality?

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On the other hand, our body can become something else in the virtual world. It can be transformed, augmented or even reduced. How then is the notion of the virtual body portrayed, in terms of its representation as well as limits?

The call for projects for the Art&VR Gallery received 68 applications, with artists coming from 31 different countries. About fifteen artworks selected by an internation jury will be exhibited at the ZOOM, Museum of Sciences of Laval. The finalists will be announced soon!

Artistic proposals can for example examine :

Possible hybridizations between real and virtual bodies ; relational aesthetics between the artwork and the spectator ; the body as a passage ; the oscillations between the real and the virtual ; the body as a narrative medium ; the body interacting and immersed ; the creation of sensorimotor interfaces ; the virtual body and its various components ; artificial intelligence ; perception and multi-sensory illusions, especially those focused on proprioception ; representations of virtual and real bodies ; portrait, identity ; the body in motion and gestures ; virtual actors, avatars ; social presence, the presence of the body in its environment, and presence from being to body ; imagined disappearances of the body, and what remains of it ; paradoxes and explorations related to virtual.

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