Dr. Judith Guez

Founder and curator

Art&VR Gallery is the result of ten years of research and creations conducted by the artist/researcher and exhibition curator Judith Guez in the field of virtual and mixed reality. Indeed, her PhD Thesis (available on this website: http://www.theses.fr/2015PA080109) explains the exploration of virtual and mixed reality as an artistic medium. She exhibits her creations (La chambre de Kristoffer, Survirtuality, Lab’Surd, etc) in many places, such as : Ars Electronica, Google Institute, Gaîté Lyrique,104, CDA Enghien Les Bains, Laval Virtual…

Event Project Manager

Julien Lomet

Julien is an artist-researcher in art and virtual reality. He has been following the Recto VRso Festival since 2018 as an exhibiting artist but also as an assistant artistic and technical director. His research work based on the gesture of the spectator and the ‘letting go’ invites the general public to live immersive, interactive and dreamlike experiences, around painting, dreams and imaginary travel.

Assistant Artistic Director

Elhem Younes

Elhem is currently Assistant Artistic Director for the Recto VRso Festival, in which she has already had the opportunity to participate as an artist with her interactive installation Anima in 2018, and in 2020 as part of an art residency. Her work emerges from a reflection on modalities of perception and imagination, of immersion and presence, particulartly in the era of new technologies.

Communication, Partnerships

Urszula Gleisner

Urszula GLEISNER is an expert in virtual reality content, she is consulting on strategy & marketing, and management of international XR projects. For Recto VRso, Urszula created a marketing strategy strengthening its identity and positioning, developed the communication strategy, as well as co-creating with Judith Guez the new format and program of the festival by forging partnerships with cultural institutions.