2nd edition

In 2022, Stereolux and Recto VRso, Laval Virtual international art festival, are joining forces again to offer a cross-residency program around immersive technologies and digital arts.

This program aims:

to develop reflections around the use of these virtual and mixed reality technologies as an artistic medium;

to bring out new original artistic proposals allowing their creative potential to be explored;

to support the rise in skills of artists on this type of technology.

It will offer one or more artists the opportunity to take part in a residency and to discuss with digital arts experts.

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2022 Theme

Virtual Time

This call for research-creation residency proposes to explore the notion of “virtual time”.

Real time can have several meanings depending on the context. We evoke it in particular in computer science to distinguish an experience whose temporality is modeled as much as possible on our perception of time, for example with an interaction that seems fluid and natural to us.

But what would virtual time be? The virtual has its own codes in space and can be experienced differently: what would then be the codes of virtual time, and its representations? How do they fit into artistic, immersive and interactive experiences?

This second cross-residency program prefigures through this theme the edition of Recto VRso 2023: Real time / virtual time.

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