#2 Physical: Restitution

From 7th to 11th July 2021

The physical restitution of the 4th edition of the International Digital Art Festival Recto VRso took place on July 7-11 at the Musée-École de la Perrine (Laval, France) on the theme "Virtual exhibition / Real exhibition: Online art". Visitors discovered the 2021 artworks selection in immersive and interactive devices. The exhibition also welcomed artistic performances and moments of activation with collaborative or experimental artworks. Two artists were also invited to take over the Bateau-Lavoir, unique place in Europe, for an In Situ exhibition.

(Re)live the July 2021 edition

Ambroisé Paré

One week of creation

At the Lycée Ambroise Paré (17 rue du lycée, 53000 Laval), students participated in a week of digital and interactive creation with real-time technologies. On 10 and 11 July, the creative work were presented to the public. Participants : Students and teacher-researchers from EUR ArTeC, ATI Arts & Technologies de l’Image – Université Paris 8 and NTHU National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan.

Recto VRso Art Center

Laval Virtual World

The Recto VRso Art Center, the virtual art centre of Recto VRso, organized an exhibition spaces as well as an artistic program that extends the physical exhibition #2 Restitution at the Musée École de la Perrine.

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