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Discover a new art form

Recto VRso is an international art and virtual reality festival, organized furing the Laval Virtual exhibition. It aims to highlight the link between art and digital innovation. It presents new artistic forms of virtual reality, while enhancing the explorations that come with them through an art itinerary including artworks imagined by artists, researchers, students and explorators.

Generating new artistic forms

The Recto VRso festival invites artists and visitors to explore the medium of virtual reality through new artistic form, by discovering the Art&VR Gallery and the art itinerary in the heart of the city of Laval. 

An international exhibition

Recto VRso gathers artists from around the world who meet in Laval to exhibit their artworks. Coming from France, Japan, Italy and Austria, the cultural diversity of the artists enables to show many aspects and interpretations of one theme. 

A springboard for artists

Recto Vrso is the starting point for many artists coming to exhibit. By having the possibility to receive an Award, artists are sure to get real visibility. It's also a way to highlight their work and an opportunity to meet professionnals from the art and VR world.

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