An artistic itinerary in the city

(re)Discover the city of Laval!

The festival is organized in two parts: The official Art&VR Gallery and an art itinerary.

The art itinerary includes exhibitions of digital art in symbolic places in Laval (Laval Theatre, the Bains Douches, the Museum of Naive and Singular Arts, Perrine Garden and Bâteau Lavoir), presenting works by established, pioneering, emerging artists, students, researchers, etc.

This dynamic is a door for a more open exhibition of emerging projects, leaving space for artistic exploration and questioning the progression of these innovations at technological, scientific and artistic boundaries. It offers freedom for exhibition to projects that are underway, hybridizing different practices and providing an opportunity for artistic exploration.

Unique in Europe

The Bateau-Lavoir

Fully renovated, the Bateau-Lavoir offers every year to one or two artists the possibility to exhibit In-Situ artworks inspired by this beautiful heritage. A place of artistic residence before the festival.

Quai Paul Boudet, 53000 Laval

By the Mayenne river

The Bains-Douches

This emblematic place of the Art Deco movement inspires every year artists and curators who come to install In-Situ artworks. A place of artistic residence before the festival. 

32 quai Albert Goupil, 53000 Laval

The Lavallois sailor

Alain Gerbault Space

The Alain Gerbault Space welcomes within its galleries artists and collectives who question virtual reality. 

10 Allée Adrien Bruneau, 53000 Laval

In the heart of greenery

School-Museum of the Perrine

These places are invested by a dozen works from pioneering artists, researchers and students working with art and virtual reality. A place of artistic residence before the festival.

10 Allée Adrien Bruneau, 53000 Laval

A lively History

The Theatre of Laval

The Theatre of Laval welcomes an art exhibition by internation artists. On April 23rd, the Laval Virtual Awards Ceremony will also take place there.

34 rue de la Paix, 53000 Laval

Inside the Laval castle

Museum of Naive and Singular Arts

Every year, the Museum of Naive and Singular Arts (MANAS) invites visitors to explore more interactive and playful artworks, in connection with the creative gesture and painting.

Place de la Tremoille, 53000 Laval

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