April 12-17, 2022
Recto VRso
5th edition "Real environment / Virtual environment"
Recto VRso
Recto VRso is an international exhibition of art and virtual and mixed reality held during the Laval Virtual event. Founded by artist-researcher Judith Guez, Recto VRso aims to invite artworks of artists, researchers, students and explorers who question the virtual reality medium, directly or indirectly, so as to bring out new artistic forms. The next edition will be held on April 12-17, 2022.
Art&VR Gallery
The Art&VR Gallery is the official exhibition of Recto VRso which presents about fifteen artworks selected after an international call for applications. Each year, one of the artists also receives a Laval Virtual Award in the Art&VR category during the prize-giving ceremony of the Laval Virtual exhibition. This year, the theme of the exhibition is: "Real Environment / Virtual Environment".
Art itinerary
An itinerary of artistic exhibitions in the Laval's old part of town valorizes the artistic diversity of the domain by inviting renowned artists, students, researchers and groups to take over several places. This dynamic is an opportunity to exhibit emerging projects, guiding by a particular theme, and hybridising different practices and leaving room for artistic exploration. This itinerary also aims to encourage partnerships, by offering structures (academic, artistic or industrial) to take possession of a place, and/or to organize events in concert with the values of Recto VRso.

Recto VRso 2021

Discover the 2021 exhibition

The physical restitution of the 4th edition of the International Digital Art Festival Recto VRso took place on July 7-11 at the Musée-École de la Perrine (Laval, France) on the theme "Virtual exhibition / Real exhibition: Online art". Visitors discovered the 2021 artworks selection in immersive and interactive devices. The exhibition also welcomed artistic performances and moments of activation with collaborative or experimental artworks. Two artists were also invited to take over the Bateau-Lavoir, unique place in Europe, for an In Situ exhibition.

« Between the real and the virtual, artists and researchers exhibit artworks that question matter, illusion, body, perception, immersion, interaction and relational aesthetics. »
Judith Guez
Curator and Director of Recto VRso
« My participation to Recto VRso during the Laval Virtual exhibition was a wave of immersion. The organisation was impeccable, the professional encounters were rich and close, every second stays printed in me as one of the most important experience of my career. »
Margherita Bergamo
Dancer, choregraph and produceur - Compagnie Voix FR
« Recto VRso is a unique experience. Being invited to exhibit in such an extraordinary venue and at the same time having the opportunity to exchange with people coming from so many different disciplines was making my time there a once in a lifetime moment. Furthermore the team was doing an outstanding job regarding the organization. »
Jürgen Ropp