Recto VRso

International Digital Art Festival

Recto VRso is the result of ten years of research and creation by artist-curator Judith Guez, in the field of virtual and mixed reality. Judith has devoted her PhD to the exploration of virtual and mixed reality as artistic medium, focusing on the concepts of illusion, hybridation, wonderment and presence.

  • 4 editions
  • 20,000 + visitors
  • 100 + artworks
  • 1 virtual gallery

An artistic festival in Laval

Capital of virtual reality

Recto VRso was founded in Laval, birthplace of VR / AR. It's held during the Laval Virtual exhibition, and make the city vibrate during a week between innovation and artistic effervescence. The implementation of Recto VRso within Laval Virtual also gives it a caracter centered on exchanges between cultural, artistic, academic and indsutrial fields, thus encouraging a vision of interdisciplinarity, and knowledge sharing.