Real body - Virtual body

Art and virtual reality exhibition

The official ‘Art&VR Gallery’ exhibition is dedicated to art and virtual reality. It presents about 15 artworks selected after an international call for projects. The exhibition will take place in the 17th century chapel of Ambroise Paré High School, from 22th to 26th April 2020. This remarkable place will be sublimated by the artists’ works.

‘The aim is to create an exhibition space where new artistic and hybrid forms between the real and the virtual can emerge’ Judith Guez, founder and curator.

Recto VRso

Laval Virtual's digital art festival

Recto VRso is an international art and virtual and mixted reality festival. It will take place from 22th to 26th April 2020, alongside the Laval Virtual exhibition. It aims to highlight the innovative dynamics of the use of virtual and mixed reality by artists, who question the progress of this technology at technological, scientific and artistic boundaries .

This year, the theme of the festival is ‘Real body/Virtual body’. There are two parts to Recto VRso : Art&VR Gallery and the Art itinerary.

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