Art exhibition catalogue 2019

Real Illusion / Virtual Illusion

Illusions, between surprise and wonder, destabilize and amuse. They interrogate our perceptions of our daily reality.

With the arrival of digital technology, other forms of illusions are emerging: virtual and mixed reality, through immersion and interaction in a virtual or mixed world, thrust the spectator in a play on the borders between the real and the virtual.

Art exhibition catalogue 2018

Real Matter / Virtual Matter

In 2018, on the occasion of the event's 20th anniversary, the Recto VRso festival was born. This catalogue looks back on this first edition, which questioned the link between real and virtual matter, showing the continuity in the history of art of artists who wanted to involve and immerse the spectator.

"We want to interest the spectator, to bring him out of inhibitions, to relax him. We want to involve them." Assez de mystifications, Manifeste du G.R.A.V., 1963. From the beginning of the expansion of virtual reality in the 1980s, its potential for immersion, interaction and presence made it a wonderful medium for artists.