“WonderForest” provides an immersive VR interactive environment asking the question of “what is real?”. If life is composed of a pile of sensory experiences, should VR be included in this game of life? By creating meshes of waves as landscape, free-floating cubes and flying dots as living species with real-time ambient sounds in this set, it challenges the stereotypical idea of nature and arouses the question if VR can be seen as an extension/escape of reality. Just like dreaming, the project implies that no matter if it’s virtual or real, they will all imprint in our body/mind as real senses.

Jia-Rey Chang


Jia-Rey (Gary) Chang is an artist, designer, and researcher focusing on ‘space as a living being’ and immersive spatial Interaction Design. He received his PhD from the Department of Architectural Engineering and Technology (Hyperbody Lab) at TU Delft, the Netherlands in 2018. Currently, he is teaching at the Art & Design department, the University of Delaware as an assistant professor. Throughout all his work, he continues active research in the trans-disciplinary topics of fashion design, creative coding, parametric design, Artificial Intelligence, generative art/sound, AR/VR/MR, projection-based immersive environment, interactive design.

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