What you don't see: Invisible Instruments


Invisible piano keys, guitar strings and percussion instruments ring out as you move through this soundscape. Hold perfectly still and the music stops. Move, and music begins again. An app performs optical motion detection and translates it into musical sounds. No VR Headset required! Any person in view of the iPad/iPhone camera can participate. The camera sees, and the person experiences, an augmented reality filled with virtual musical instruments. Any motion that "touches" the virtual instruments plays piano, guitar or percussion sounds.

2021 Artworks of the digital art festival Recto VRso: What You Don't See: Invisible Instruments by Peter Spry

Peter Spry


"Some while back the topic of the the theremin came up at the dinner table. Some had never heard of it. Videos were easily found and viewed. While watching, it occurred to me that there must be an app that works like this, but, searching was fruitless. So I determined that I would create one. The result is my first app, Kazu. Turn the app camera toward you and you enter a virtual, musical, artwork in real spaces. Civil servant by day, I create soundscapes by night."

2021 Artists of the digital art festival Recto VRso : Peter Spry

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