Ghost City


This audio-visual - or, more precisely, "musical-graphic" - object is in what the artists hope is a poetically exact correspondence with the 9 paintings in the "Ghost City" series by the photographer Bruno Clochard. These paintings are the origin of the project. The first 'motif' of these images (in the sense of 'what motivates') is linked to the appearance of Covid-19, with its masks, its confinement, the cities that are gradually being emptied, the thousands of real deaths, and the digitisation of our humanity at a forced march... Ghost cities!

Œuvres 2021 du festival d'art numérique Recto VRso : Ghost City de Patrick Guillot

Collectif CK2G


The CK2G collective is composed of Patrick Guillot, Bruno Clochard, Kitusai and Guska. The four French artists have joined forces to create this digital artwork "Ghost City".

2021 Artists of the digital art festival Recto VRso : Collectif CK2G

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