Digital painting is a new renaissance in the continuity of classical painting. Pascal Dalous tries to use its technique and content through form, perspective, colour, with the power of a computer, a graphic tablet or even a mobile phone. The software offers copies of brushes, felt pens, pencils, aerosols on virtual supports such as paper, canvas or fabric, all the while managing flat areas, lines, thicknesses, pressures and transparencies.

Œuvres 2021 du festival d'art numérique Recto VRso : Dalnumerique de Pascal Dalous

Pascal Dalous


A self-taught artist, his artistic career has always been firmly established in his professional career. In the 80s he participated in the creation of the painting group Moment Synthèse and in the creation of a computer company applied to computer graphic art. In 2012, the professional use of digital tools opens him up to a reflection on a new digital artistic path in the continuity of his artistic studies. The creation of Dalnumerique testifies to his commitment to this new dimension of his expression.

2021 Artists of the digital art festival Recto VRso : Pascal Dalous

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