As big as the internet, as small as a village


Nowadays algorithms have become more influential than they probably were meant to be. How a person lives a day is being turned left and right by important scripts of code. People are followed and tracked, so distracting targeted messages can take their attention upon entering the digital. Over time, part of the online communication has sunk on to the level of tell-tales and gossip. In this project, As big as the Internet as small as a village, the creators set up a time/space contradiction by portraying algorithms as blabber mouthy inhabitants of a segregated village, who tell questionable facts about each other and their environment.

2021 Artworks of the digital art festival Recto VRso: As big as the internet, as small as a village by Stefano Cerelli

Stefano Cerelli, Erika Glionna & Peter Várnai


Stefano Cerelli is an Italian creative developer living and working in Europe. Stefano studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Italy and holds a Master's degree in Multimedia Content Design from the University of Florence. He has worked as a creative/product developer for several studios and companies in the UK and Italy. Erika Glionna is a multidisciplinary designer and digital artist who mainly studies the contrast between virtual and tangible matter. Erika studied graphic and virtual design at the Politecnico di Torino, Italy. Peter Várnai is a Hungarian visual artist born in 1994 in Dunaújváros. He lives and works in Vienna, Austria. Since 2015, he has been studying digital art at the University of Applied Arts Vienna under Professor Ruth Schnell.

2021 Artists of the digital art festival Recto VRso : Stefano Cerelli and Erika Glionna

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