wwwunderkammer project is inspired by the sixteenth century Wunderkammer, also called "Cabinets of Curiosity” as well as the contemporary social media practice of creating archives and collections on sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr. Through this project I am considering the uncanny complications of grounded reality and virtual reality, while building virtual worlds, founded upon de-colonizing, post-human, and feminist archives.

2021 Artworks of the digital art festival Recto VRso: wwwunderkammer by Carla Gannis

Carla Gannis

United States

Carla Gannis is an interdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, New York. She produces works that consider the uncanny complications between grounded and virtual reality, nature and artifice, science and science fiction in contemporary culture. Fascinated by digital semiotics, Gannis takes a horror vacui approach to her artistic practice, culling inspiration from networked communication, art and literary history, emerging technologies and speculative design.

2021 Artists of the digital art festival Recto VRso : Carla Gannis

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