Obscure is an audiovisual Web VR installation by Arash Akbari. An AI-generated vague sculpture forms the center of the composition while a data-driven Scaffold fixes it in space. As the viewers enter into and move through the sculpture, spatial sonic elements shape their perception of the object's essence.

2021 Artworks of the digital art festival Recto VRso: What You Don't See: Obscure by Arash Akbari

Arash Akbari


Arash Akbari is a musician, sound, and new-media artist, based in Tehran, Iran. His interest in dynamic art systems, human perception, nonlinear narrative, and the co-existence between physical and digital worlds compelled him to explore the fields of generative systems, interaction design, and real-time processing.

2021 Artists of the digital art festival Recto VRso : Arash Akbari

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