Marie-Laure Cazin

Freud, la dernière hypnose

Emotive VR is a prototype project, between art and science, for a neuro-interactive film in 360° VR. The EEG-headset sensors are combined with an HMD; they give the equipment an interpretation of their emotions and interact in real time with the film, changing the soundtrack and some visual effects like emotional feedback.

The 4 creators


Shiver was created to pay a VR tribute to Magritte's paintings scam. Once the VR headset is on, you’ll navigate through malicious illusions and discovery paths that you originally thought were nonexistent. A word of advice though : everything is always a matter of perspective...

Julien Lomet


David & Goliath is a multimedia work mixing symbolism and surrealism influences where the myth is the subject of imagination. The participant is invited to enter a virtual space where several worlds are open for him to perform.

David Guez and Bastien Didier


The LEVITATION project is an experimental artistic medium that aims to modify some human cognitive and sensory abilities by immersing the audience in a hyper-realistic virtual 3D space, where they can levitate. Equipped with an OVO headset, a VR & neural headset, the viewer finds himself in a 3D world that realistically recreates the real space in wich they are located. 

Akira Nakayasu

Tentacle Flora

The Flora Tentacle is a robotic sculpture inspired by the image of a colony of sea anemones growing on the coral. An alloy actuator with shape memory, composed of a Bio-Metal Fiber that can bend in three dimensions, is used as a tentacle. The top of the actuator illuminates by gently imitating a bioluminescent organism with a full colour LED. The Flora Tentacle induces the beauty, wonder and existence of sea anemones living in the depths of the ocean.

Sandra Paugam and Charles Ayats

The Scream VR

The Scream VR is a sensory documentary that brings Munch's thoughts and demons to life. This virtual reality experience uses this artwork as a lauch pad, exploring the painter's deepest obsessions in an audio-visual staging of the most famous scream in art history.

Jürgen ROPP


LOGIN studies multiple approaches to new modes of interaction and collaboration in the fields of virtual, augmented and real worlds. The installation breaks the boundaries between these technological paths and merges them into an experience that is supposed to give the recipient a unique impression of the underlying technologies.

Charles Ayats

Sens VR - Sens AR

SENS narrates - without a word - a man’s initiatory journey. The anonymous tramp wanders in a univers both stripped and labyrinth. All around him, arrows constantly changing shapes showing him the way to go. His adventure is an invitation to question the unknown and let go of codes to perceive beyond the limits… of a page, of an angle or of a figment of imagination. Inspired by Marc-Antoine Mathieu' s comic book.

Louis Cortes and Celia Betourne

Real Virtuality

Real Virtuality is a virtual reality experience that explores the theme of representing reality through technology. The first perception of reality generated by the immersion in a scanned environment is progressively challenged by its own alteration. Through its deterioration, the immersion reveals its artifices, leading the spectator to reconsider the nature of what he perceives.

Margherita Bergamo and Daniel Gonzalez

Eve dance in an unplaceable place

2019 Winner – Laval Virtual Awards Eve makes it possible for the virtual and the real to meet, traveling between the dimensions, giving shape to the questions. In this encounter, the users enter Eve’s body and travel through stories through an incarnation, that is, the experience of virtual reality.

Continuum Collective

Liquid Matters

While most computational images aim to achieve the perfect illusion of reality, the Liquid Matters project attempts to reverse this illusionistic persistence, producing abstract black-and-white images using ferrofluids (nanoparticles of ferromagnetic material suspended in a carrier liquid). Will the user realise they are playing with "real" matter and not with a virtual simulation? And what kind of immersion will be achieved?

Sophie Daste and Eric Hao Nguy


The "Parallels" project consists in interactive video screens. The paralell is created by the interaction of the spector on the touch screen. The spectator plays with the video to discover aeras of another video, thus combining the two visions into one single image. Through an identical film frame, videos show the murderer of the video game Assassin's Creed in an imaginary past showed in paralell with a view of the same places filmed in modern cities, while the body of the spectator replaces the avatar.

Cédric Plessiet

Doubles Autres

Doubles autres is a series of interactive paintings, presenting a digital body double of an existing person to whom an interactive behaviour is associated in order to present a new form of portrayal where we use the painting as a descriptive tool and the interaction to show the unique perception of the artist facing its model.

Mélodie Mousset

HanaHana 花華

Special Jury Prize - Laval Virtual Awards Incarnated in a swarm of molecules that represents its life force, players are invited to walk around by teleporting themselves to a sandy and surrealistic landscape. On their way, they meet what may look, at first, like a multitude of improbable constructions made by a visionary architect or by the hallucination of a giant swarm of insects. They quickly discover that they can contribute in these creations, with arms and an accumulation of chained hands, of different sizes and colours.

Jean-Paul Favand

Pierre de rêve

Spectators equipped with 3D glassed discover a 200x magnified ruin marble. One of them leads an imaginary trip in 3 dimensions thanks to a digital wand. Movements enlarge the stone and enable to discover its perspectives. By activating the light of the wand, its mysteries are revealed. The public travels in this enlarged 200x fantastic natural landscape.